Poker Tip: Know Thy Enemy

Know your opponents. Study their play. This will help
you decide the best course of action.

For instance, there’s not much point in trying to bluff someone who calls almost any and every bet. Typically a ‘calling station’ is often content to just check his hand as well, giving you a free card when you need

Or if you are playing against an aggressive player, you often cannot afford to just check your good hand. When you do, you are encouraging them to bet into you, which may force you to then fold. You are often better to be the aggressor.

Push them before they push you. It’s also great to know that when you are
holding the Nuts against this type of player, you are free to check
and let them bet into you.

A check raise can be a very powerful & profitable move. It works best when you are quite certain your opponent will bet when you check. Again, knowing your opponents will help you with the timing of this play.

One strategy for learning more about a particular player is to
dedicate some time to watching only him. Pick one opponent
and pay attention to everything he does for awhile. How does he
check or bet when he’s strong? When he’s weak? After raising
pre-flop, does he always bet the flop, no matter what it is? Does
he often raise when he’s on the button to take advantage of his
position and/or steal the blinds?

Knowing the typical moves of each of your opponents will come
in very handy at some point.

Here’s To A Life Of Fun & Games,

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