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cropped-Holdem-Foldem-Header.pngWe meet Sundays to Thursdays at local pubs in Newmarket, Aurora, Pickering, & Stouffville  – Ontario, Canada.

The game is Texas Hold’em – All levels of player are welcome

Free to play!



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Location Date Name
Sgt. Peppers (Stouffville)Thursday (2019-08-22)Alison Shura
Colonel Mustard's NewmarketWednesday (2019-08-21)Tammy Allen
Father's MoustacheMonday (2019-08-19)Chris Gaudette
Colonel Mustard's NewmarketSunday (2019-08-18)Jamie Skead
Sgt. Peppers (Stouffville)Thursday (2019-08-15)Fiona Archer
Colonel Mustard's NewmarketWednesday (2019-08-14)Brad Gould
RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Cecil Clarke537001011
2Donna Doucette361501201
3Jamie Magill313003100
4Sabo Amiti261501000
5Fiona Archer251000100
6Cami Ofrim250500000
7Peter Allder239502000
8Allan Mooney238501000
9Chris Gaudette230002000
10Garry Webster220501000

WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Jody Allison28.62728.62712
2Evan Dacey33.88633.88612
3Cami Ofrim37.29137.29129
4Jamie Magill37.35537.35529
5Tim McCue38.17638.17612
6Gail King38.66138.66117
7Cecil Clarke40.34640.34643
8Garry Webster41.86441.86425
9Kyle Dacey42.16435.13610
10Sabo Amiti42.43842.43833