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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Dave Beasley362000001
2Ned Sirry351502200
3Chris Gaudette348500110
4Tim McCue310002110
5Christina Phung273503000
6Peter Allder250500000
7Garry Webster242501000
8Gail King238001100
9Kevin Sweerts224501010
10Chris Hughes218002000
11Mary Cromwell208001000
12Claude Holmes192002000
13Enzo Dethomasis190500001
14Ryan Kajiura186000000
15Jamie Magill178000000
16Brad Gould178001000
17Adrian Cebellos177000000
18Sharon Joudrey172000000
19Alan Mooney160500000
20Toan Phung160502000
21Donna Doucette146501000
22Adam Trimm142500001
23Sabo Amiti139002000
24Fiona Archer135500000
25Bob Grattage127500000
26Alex Riabetsev118500000
27Vincent Iaboni117000000
28Ken Chin114000000
29Sean Williams107000000
30Rob Stevens105501000
31Dan St. Germain103000000
32Kyle Dacey101500000
33Susan Kay99500000
34Chris Leftereys96500000
35Sean Brennan90500000
36Sue Hubert84501000
37Shevaughn Blaney81500000
38Mike Patterson73000000
39Stephen Kay70000000
40Patrick Rankin70002000
41Tim Linehan60000000
42Lex Leuthel58500000
43Rob Norman58000000
44Kelly Cromwell56500000
45Dino Pipitone53000000
46Salim Amiri49000000
47Brandon Phung47000000
48Mario DeFilippis45502000
49Tiffany Stephens-Leitch45001000
50Dave Holman43500000
51Paul Lynn41000000
52Rocky Robar38500000
53Vlad Serdyuk32500000
54Reshma Makani28501000
55Tony Intranuvo24000000
56Matt Leitch18000000
57Cammie Ofrim11000000
58Dave Wicklam10000000
59Tony Lee10000000
60Dave Korman9000000
61Natasha Vastami7000000
62Mike Arnold 7000000
63Tammy Allen7000000
64Joanne Colantonio6000000
65Robert Colquhoun5000000
66Rob Nelson3500000
67Tom Patrick2500000
68Cole Leuthel2500000
69Jack Ing500000
70Pia Halmen500000
71Mike Hamilton500000
72Mike Auger500000
73Clarke Cecil500000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Adam Trimm30.19625.16410
2Peter Allder30.46130.46125
3Chris Leftereys33.30333.30312
4Christina Phung34.32834.32829
5Ned Sirry34.73234.73230
6Sean Williams38.06838.06812
7Tim McCue38.41238.41229
8Gail King40.36640.36630
9Mary Cromwell41.58041.58027
10Sean Brennan42.09542.09516
11Jamie Magill42.50542.50522
12Garry Webster42.91042.91031
13Susan Kay43.61143.61114
14Claude Holmes43.94043.94023
15Sue Hubert45.20745.20712
16Vincent Iaboni45.99645.99619
17Dave Beasley46.43246.43243
18Alan Mooney48.41548.41527
19Chris Gaudette48.71148.71147
20Sharon Joudrey49.23249.23222
21Sabo Amiti50.09550.09522
22Toan Phung50.62950.62923
23Kevin Sweerts52.03452.03430
24Bob Grattage52.29852.29819
25Donna Doucette55.77955.77923
26Kyle Dacey56.35156.35119
27Patrick Rankin56.58156.58112
28Alex Riabetsev57.39957.39920
29Adrian Cebellos57.42957.42928
30Ryan Kajiura57.44257.44232
31Dino Pipitone58.47748.73110
32Rocky Robar58.63658.63614
33Stephen Kay58.88358.88314
34Dan St. Germain59.06459.06425
35Enzo Dethomasis59.31159.31133
36Chris Hughes60.23960.23942
37Mike Patterson61.16561.16517
38Ken Chin65.42665.42629
39Rob Stevens65.70665.70627
40Fiona Archer66.14366.14331
41Brad Gould68.37668.37634
42Shevaughn Blaney69.83252.3749
43Lex Leuthel70.74058.95010
44Tiffany Stephens-Leitch70.81159.00910
45Kelly Cromwell71.11159.25910
46Rob Norman73.75261.46010
47Salim Amiri75.04168.78811
48Brandon Phung77.18645.0257
49Tim Linehan82.13547.9127
50Dave Holman88.91244.4566
51Paul Lynn96.60156.3517
52Mario DeFilippis117.97468.8187
53Reshma Makani123.76051.5675
54Vlad Serdyuk129.03853.7665
55Tony Intranuvo158.06652.6894
56Matt Leitch163.16054.3874
57Cammie Ofrim176.47214.7061
58Cole Leuthel182.80576.1695
59Natasha Vastami198.26066.0874
60Dave Wicklam240.00020.0001
61Tony Lee266.66422.2221
62Joanne Colantonio283.65947.2772
63Mike Arnold 337.50028.1251
64Robert Colquhoun387.77764.6302
65Dave Korman494.11241.1761
66Tammy Allen540.00045.0001
67Rob Nelson741.027123.5052
68Mike Auger840.00070.0001
69Mike Hamilton988.23682.3531
70Pia Halmen999.99683.3331
71Clarke Cecil999.999100.0001
72Tom Patrick999.99988.2351
73Jack Ing999.999100.0001