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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Tony Lee266500000
2Jamie Magill262500000
3Jody Allison261000000
4Paul Lynn260000000
5Robert LaFontaine250500000
6Sharon Joudrey246000000
7Bob Grattage236000000
8John Ibbetson224000000
9Gail King224000000
10Peter Allder213000000
11Barrie Leech209000000
12Toan Phung191000000
13Kathleen Arnold189500000
14Jackson Withrow188500000
15Daniel Anthony179500000
16Joanne Colantonio164000000
17Kurilka0709 Online Username159000000
18Matt Leitch143500000
19Tiffany Stephens- Leitch142500000
20Mike Paterson139000000
21Don MacLean138500000
22Donna Doucette135500000
23Evan Dacey134000000
24Dave Korman129500000
25Tim McCue127000000
26Tim Linehan121000000
27Mike Arnold119500000
28Tony Souvannarath110500000
29Dave Pedersen104000000
30Fiona Archer101500000
31Robert Carter91000000
32Tony Intranuovo89000000
33Kate Ibbetson83500000
34Randy Noel83500000
35Dan St. Germain79500000
36Kyle Dacey74000000
37Mary Cromwell70500000
38Mark Donoahue70000000
39Ravi Shah65000000
40Ken Warren57500000
41Allan Mooney57000000
42Barbara Aird54500000
43Tammy Allen52500000
44Susan Hebert46500000
45Kirsten MacLean40500000
46Andrew Bloom39000000
47Kevin Sweerts33500000
48Rocky Robar32500000
49Jamie Skead28500000
50Kevin Healy25500000
51Rob Walker24500000
52Max Tuzhin24000000
53Kevin Gale24000000
54KiserSozsay Online Username20000000
55Linda Alm11000000
56Dave Wicklam10000000
57Chris Lefterys6500000
58Shaun Brennan6500000
59Zahava Bell6000000
60Sabo Amiti5500000
61Stuart Kerridge4000000
62Jessica Pereira4000000
63Brenda Lucas3500000
64Kim Kilroy3500000
65Jim Mulholland3000000
66Wayne Glen2500000
67Garry Webster2500000
68PTMM100 Online Username1000000
69Charlie Hargraves1000000
70Anna Wong500000
71Josh Morris500000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Tim Linehan31.04231.04215
2Jody Allison37.90237.90235
3Gail King38.31038.31037
4Tim McCue39.02339.02317
5Jamie Magill39.57839.57844
6Kathleen Arnold42.29042.29028
7Don MacLean42.51742.51720
8Paul Lynn43.12043.12044
9Joanne Colantonio43.84443.84431
10Toan Phung43.85243.85226
11Randy Noel44.58444.58415
12Mark Donoahue44.83737.36410
13Tony Lee45.35645.35640
14Daniel Anthony45.48845.48829
15Robert LaFontaine45.89545.89543
16Jackson Withrow46.10346.10334
17Barbara Aird46.75342.85711
18Evan Dacey47.01647.01626
19Bob Grattage48.30048.30043
20Barrie Leech48.39748.39742
21Allan Mooney48.96148.96114
22Mary Cromwell49.04749.04715
23Mike Arnold49.32749.32727
24Dave Pedersen49.60349.60322
25Sharon Joudrey49.70449.70444
26Peter Allder50.76250.76238
27Mike Paterson52.34752.34723
28Ken Warren52.39852.39812
29Kurilka0709 Online Username52.63452.63430
30Kyle Dacey53.09753.09715
31John Ibbetson53.35853.35842
32Kirsten MacLean54.43949.90311
33Matt Leitch55.05555.05533
34Dave Korman57.19157.19137
35Robert Carter57.97357.97326
36Susan Hebert59.42944.5729
37Dan St. Germain59.47559.47523
38Tiffany Stephens- Leitch60.04060.04037
39Tony Intranuovo60.64060.64018
40Tony Souvannarath61.62261.62224
41Donna Doucette62.51562.51540
42Tammy Allen66.83266.83221
43Ravi Shah70.48770.48721
44Fiona Archer73.56373.56333
45Kate Ibbetson74.05974.05944
46Andrew Bloom78.68459.0139
47Kevin Sweerts79.02365.85310
48Kevin Gale85.65657.1048
49Max Tuzhin86.51743.2596
50Jamie Skead89.44567.0849
51KiserSozsay Online Username95.83663.8908
52Rocky Robar96.52048.2606
53Rob Walker111.36327.8413
54Dave Wicklam151.43550.4784
55Stuart Kerridge185.39061.7974
56Linda Alm200.00416.6671
57Garry Webster202.33684.3075
58Kim Kilroy226.75375.5844
59Jim Mulholland282.69270.6733
60Shaun Brennan283.08047.1802
61Chris Lefterys321.75053.6252
62Wayne Glen326.33981.5853
63Kevin Healy327.27354.5462
64Charlie Hargraves340.55756.7602
65Jessica Pereira369.22830.7691
66Sabo Amiti432.76572.1282
67Brenda Lucas445.71637.1431
68PTMM100 Online Username478.41379.7362
69Josh Morris843.24070.2701
70Zahava Bell999.99990.9091
71Anna Wong999.99991.3041