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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Milos Prikyl277003001
2Lex Leuthel224002000
3Dave Pegg218002000
4Paul Lynn217500001
5Raymond Grocutt217502000
6Dave Beasley213500100
7Enzo Dethomasis138501000
8Christina Phung136502000
9Vlad Serdyuk125500000
10Mohammed Unknown 117002000
11Fiona Archer113501000
12John Amirian111500000
13Garry Webster107001000
14Sabo Amiti94000100
15Dan St. Germain93500000
16Jamie Magill89001000
17Kevin Sweerts88000000
18Parsa Alimohammed85502000
19Bob Grattage81500000
20Kyle Dacey77500000
21Alan Mooney76001000
22Hong Xu75000000
23C q Zhu72500000
24Andrew Morvai69501000
25Susan Kay68001000
26Mary Cromwell67001000
27Brandon Phung59000000
28Tim McCue56001000
29Donna Doucette55500000
30Adrian Cebellos50001000
31Stephen Kay38000000
32Clarke Cecil37001000
33Rob Stevenson31500000
34Matt Waters31500000
35Brad Wigmore31000000
36Franklin Hung30500000
37Toan Phung30000000
38Mario De Filippis29000000
39Peter Allder27500000
40Rob Geary 26500000
41Dawn Bovingdon25500000
42Mike Visser25500000
43Ned Sirry24000000
44Toula Young23000000
45Chris Leftereys22000000
46Chris Gaudette21000000
47Nick Chun19000000
48Sean Magill18000000
49Matt Leitch17000000
50Sharon Joudrey17000000
51Susan Zhang15000000
52Mike Patterson14500000
53Adam Churchill 14000000
54Rocky Robar13500000
55Alex Riabetsev12000000
56Fred Nahm11000000
57Dave Young 11000000
58Cammie Ofrim10500000
59M C Hammer 10500000
60Sue Hubert10500000
61Chris Uschner 9001000
62Vincent Iaboni8000000
63Stephanie Muus7500000
64Tiffany Stephens-Leitch7000000
65James Norton6500000
66Sean Brennan6000000
67Kaitlin Roy6000000
68Evan Magill5000000
69Kelly Cromwell5000000
70Kyle Cain4000000
71Natalie Mcquarrie3500000
72Kevin Fullerton3500000
73Dmitri Ivanov3000000
74Ashton Barb2500000
75Kenny Chin2000000
76Chris Garrett500000
77Keith Mcquarrie 500000
78Steven Ellis500000
79Jacob Smart500000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Christina Phung34.43434.43412
2Dave Pegg39.30139.30123
3Kyle Dacey40.21523.4597
4Sabo Amiti40.75330.5659
5Jamie Magill42.27124.6587
6Dave Beasley42.39242.39221
7Enzo Dethomasis43.90743.90717
8Raymond Grocutt45.81245.81226
9Milos Prikyl46.00846.00827
10Lex Leuthel47.45347.45326
11Vlad Serdyuk48.09548.09516
12Dan St. Germain49.17845.08011
13Susan Kay49.54216.5144
14Fiona Archer51.44551.44513
15Kevin Sweerts51.72743.10610
16Paul Lynn51.72951.72927
17Alan Mooney53.10544.25410
18Hong Xu53.71653.71612
19Brandon Phung55.50113.8753
20Mary Cromwell58.72244.0419
21Garry Webster62.48862.48821
22Andrew Morvai62.55336.4897
23John Amirian62.68362.68323
24Mohammed Unknown 62.84362.84315
25C q Zhu63.06957.81311
26Bob Grattage66.77050.0779
27Parsa Alimohammed67.73467.73417
28Tim McCue70.78123.5944
29Donna Doucette77.78051.8548
30Franklin Hung83.26283.26216
31Matt Waters86.10864.5819
32Stephen Kay91.51730.5064
33Adrian Cebellos93.17062.1138
34Brad Wigmore93.22454.3817
35Rob Stevenson105.56770.3788
36Mario De Filippis109.21863.7117
37Sean Magill126.31210.5261
38Dawn Bovingdon131.25776.5677
39Ned Sirry133.34444.4484
40Mike Patterson135.07056.2795
41Chris Leftereys140.20035.0503
42Chris Gaudette142.38271.1916
43Clarke Cecil144.30060.1255
44Peter Allder147.37561.4065
45Toan Phung149.49924.9172
46Nick Chun151.15262.9805
47Toula Young168.88942.2223
48Sharon Joudrey171.39742.8493
49Adam Churchill 177.80474.0855
50Rob Geary 185.29061.7634
51Rocky Robar191.06547.7663
52Cammie Ofrim198.08666.0294
53Vincent Iaboni236.51078.8374
54Dave Young 255.55663.8893
55M C Hammer 262.45965.6153
56Alex Riabetsev272.72868.1823
57Sue Hubert300.00050.0002
58Tiffany Stephens-Leitch305.45776.3643
59Mike Visser312.50152.0842
60Susan Zhang321.17753.5302
61Fred Nahm333.33627.7781
62Matt Leitch334.28755.7152
63Kelly Cromwell389.45464.9092
64Dmitri Ivanov401.38866.8982
65Stephanie Muus404.60467.4342
66James Norton432.89772.1502
67Chris Uschner 436.36836.3641
68Kevin Fullerton577.77648.1481
69Kaitlin Roy600.00050.0001
70Sean Brennan631.58452.6321
71Evan Magill694.74057.8951
72Natalie Mcquarrie709.09259.0911
73Kenny Chin711.10859.2591
74Kyle Cain720.00060.0001
75Chris Garrett872.72472.7271
76Ashton Barb900.00075.0001
77Keith Mcquarrie 999.99986.3641
78Steven Ellis999.99985.7141
79Jacob Smart999.99990.9091