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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Jamie Magill772001000
2Pat Kelly766001000
3Paul Lynn716500000
4Donna Doucette579502000
5Sharon Joudrey574001000
6Jody Allison499002000
7Bob Grattage479501000
8Tiffany Leitch359501000
9Allan Mooney322500000
10Tony Souvannarath299001100
11Jackson Withrow282000000
12Matt Leitch255501000
13Susan Mastandrea219000000
14Barrie Leech165500000
15Kyle Dacey156500000
16Bruce Simpson144000000
17Joey Violin122002000
18Evan Dacey77500000
19Randy Noel68000000
20Ted Szwec62000000
21Dianne Simone50000000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Jackson Withrow34.31934.31929
2Jody Allison37.97737.97751
3Barrie Leech40.00940.00918
4Jamie Magill40.58740.58778
5Kyle Dacey43.14343.14318
6Pat Kelly44.33644.33677
7Joey Violin45.21145.21114
8Paul Lynn45.92345.92376
9Matt Leitch51.34851.34838
10Susan Mastandrea53.96053.96029
11Sharon Joudrey54.12754.12777
12Bruce Simpson54.40754.40720
13Donna Doucette54.93054.93078
14Allan Mooney56.73256.73250
15Tiffany Leitch59.56059.56067
16Bob Grattage61.41861.41879
17Tony Souvannarath61.64261.64248
18Dianne Simone62.41452.01210
19Evan Dacey63.60453.00310
20Randy Noel67.10333.5516
21Ted Szwec73.29973.29917