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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Barbara Aird409002110
2Pat Kelly390500000
3Jamie Magill335500010
4Joanne Colantonio327000000
5Sharon Joudrey325002000
6Jody Allison325000000
7Tony Lee311500000
8Bob Grattage310004000
9Evan Dacey305500000
10John Ibbetson288001000
11Matt Leitch278001000
12Allan Mooney271000000
13Barrie Leech242500000
14Tiffany Stephens- Leitch227501000
15Ken Warren215500000
16Alison Shura199500000
17Tammy Allen181000000
18Kate Ibbetson175500000
19Susan Mastandrea173000000
20Fiona Archer120500000
21Jeff Shura112500000
22Kyle Dacey108002000
23Toan Phung59500000
24Kathleen Arnold37500000
25Paul Lynn35000000
26Gail King34500000
27Kurilka0709 Online Username32000000
28Donna Doucette32001000
29Robert LaFontaine27500000
30Dan St. Germain26000000
31Peter Allder24000000
32Jackson Withrow22000000
33Dave Pedersen15500000
34Mike Paterson14000000
35Mark Donoahue13000000
36Robert Carter13000000
37Don MacLean11500000
38Dave Korman8500000
39Mike Arnold8000000
40Kevin Gale8000000
41Ravi Shah7500000
42Tony Intranuovo7500000
43Jim Mulholland7000000
44Tony Souvannarath4000000
45Max Tuzhin1000000
46Daniel Anthony1000000
47Tim McCue500000
48Tim Linehan500000
49Dave Wicklam500000
50Susan Hebert500000
51KiserSozsay Online Username500000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Jody Allison40.30840.30843
2Ken Warren40.50340.50324
3Pat Kelly41.04241.04241
4Evan Dacey42.31142.31138
5Barbara Aird42.69742.69749
6Joanne Colantonio42.73842.73845
7Jamie Magill42.81342.81347
8Alison Shura45.05345.05331
9Bob Grattage47.39947.39938
10Matt Leitch47.60547.60544
11Allan Mooney48.82348.82340
12Tony Lee50.09650.09651
13Barrie Leech50.60450.60437
14Sharon Joudrey51.73251.73249
15Kyle Dacey52.12047.77611
16Susan Mastandrea53.05053.05026
17John Ibbetson55.63955.63949
18Jeff Shura56.36356.36322
19Tammy Allen58.27458.27431
20Tiffany Stephens- Leitch58.57458.57442
21Toan Phung67.70645.1378
22Gail King73.74324.5814
23Kate Ibbetson74.72474.72452
24Fiona Archer77.76977.76940
25Paul Lynn78.61352.4098
26Kathleen Arnold79.73239.8666
27Donna Doucette92.90769.6809
28Peter Allder97.14316.1912
29Robert LaFontaine102.16559.5967
30Kurilka0709 Online Username108.74654.3736
31Jackson Withrow110.46555.2326
32Dan St. Germain114.09257.0466
33Dave Korman150.26475.1326
34Robert Carter174.29358.0984
35Mark Donoahue180.00030.0002
36Dave Pedersen181.29360.4314
37Mike Paterson184.23030.7052
38Tony Intranuovo204.36968.1234
39Mike Arnold222.30355.5763
40Don MacLean295.45549.2432
41Jim Mulholland348.38429.0321
42Kevin Gale355.56029.6301
43Ravi Shah457.77976.2972
44Daniel Anthony496.05682.6762
45Max Tuzhin800.00466.6671
46Tim McCue909.09675.7581
47Tony Souvannarath960.00080.0001
48Dave Wicklam999.99993.3331
49Susan Hebert999.999100.0001
50Tim Linehan999.99996.9701
51KiserSozsay Online Username999.99996.7741