To improve your poker game DON’T do this one simple thing.

Try very hard not to look back at a hand and say things like:
“ahh I folded 4-6… if only I stayed in I would have made a straight”. 

This thinking fuels a self defeating attitude and does nothing improve your play. Instead, take a moment to reflect on what happened and confirm whether or not you actually made a good decision.

Remind yourself that you based your decision on the information you had available at the time (for example, you had two poor cards or you weren’t strong enough to call a raise pre-flop).

Plus, it helps to know that you would make that same decision again in the future. This is a very useful and productive exercise. It will keep you from feeling sorry for yourself when your folded hand hits the board.

In poker you will very often throw away what would have been the winning hand. Learn to be OK with that. You made a good decision. Commit instead to a new habit:

Watch and take special note of how many times you completely miss the flop when you folded your marginal hands and weak hands.

If you are honest with yourself, you will see clearly that by folding your weaker hands you save yourself a lot more chips. Way more chips than you would ever earn with the occasional hands you fold that, with sheer luck, just happened to end up as winners.

Here’s To A Life Of Fun & Games!

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