Paid Players for Season Oct 1, 2020 to Jan 31, 2021

2TiffanyStephens- Leitch
3Matt Leitch
9Ken Warren
13Jim Muholland
20Dianne Simone

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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Dave Beasley228502000
2Paul Lynn171501000
3Alex Riabetsev170000002
4Claude Holmes164000010
5Ryan Kajiura163002000
6Dan St. Germain157501000
7Bob Grattage126501000
8Sabo Amiti124502000
9Ned Sirry123501000
10Tim McCue110500000
11Mary Cromwell109501000
12Toan Phung107001000
13Garry Webster106500000
14Martin Frowen100501000
15Brad Gould100501000
16Sean Brennan97500000
17Fiona Archer96001000
18Sue Hubert95500000
19Adrian Cebellos95000000
20Alan Mooney94000000
21Mario DeFilippis92002000
22Chris Hughes88000000
23Kelly Cromwell88000000
24Christina Phung87501000
25Enzo Dethomasis86500000
26Jamie Magill86000000
27Kevin Sweerts84500000
28Salim Amiri83500000
29Gail King82000000
30Ken Chin73500000
31Adam Trimm70500001
32Chris Gaudette69001000
33Peter Allder67500000
34Kyle Dacey61000000
35Sean Williams55001000
36Donna Doucette53501000
37James Skeed47000000
38Chris Leftereys40000000
39Tiffany Stephens-Leitch39501100
40Rob Stevens39500000
41Dave Holman37500000
42Sharon Joudrey37001000
43Cammie Ofrim36500000
44Vincent Iaboni35500000
45Matt Leitch29500000
46Mike Patterson27501000
47Chris Garrett27500000
48Rocky Robar27500000
49Jason Thompson 23500000
50Rob Nelson23000000
51Mike Hamilton 16500000
52Cindy Greenspoon15000000
53Nick Chun12000000
54Aman Maharaj11000000
55Dino Pipitone10500000
56Brandon Phung10000000
57Jackson Withrow10000000
58Patrick Rankin9500000
59Jacob Smart9500000
60Keith Robb9000000
61Martin Frechette8000000
62John Amirian7500000
63Shelia Stewart 6000000
64Reshma Makani5500000
65Tom Kaneary 5000000
66Mike Hamilton4000000
67Natasha Vastami3500000
68Errin Janes2500000
69Zan Robinson2000000
70Evan Dacey2000000
71Steve Brown2000000
72Chad Harwood 500000
73Natalie Gregor 500000
74Rob Norman500000
75Tony Intranuvo500000
76Mike Visser500000
77Nicole Bridges500000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Sean Brennan34.51131.63511
2Claude Holmes37.22337.22313
3Bob Grattage38.10538.10514
4Gail King39.00332.50210
5Sue Hubert39.32339.32312
6Sabo Amiti42.87942.87914
7Ned Sirry43.01543.01517
8Toan Phung43.27143.27112
9Tim McCue43.85043.85014
10Garry Webster44.79044.79016
11Peter Allder45.57837.98110
12Dave Beasley45.60845.60827
13Enzo Dethomasis45.82445.82413
14Dan St. Germain46.71246.71220
15Ryan Kajiura46.90846.90818
16Kelly Cromwell47.61043.64311
17Mary Cromwell47.85647.85616
18Martin Frowen50.03350.03314
19Alan Mooney50.44850.44814
20Jamie Magill50.75946.52911
21Alex Riabetsev52.39152.39114
22Christina Phung52.67452.67413
23Paul Lynn53.74053.74024
24Kevin Sweerts54.94254.94217
25Kyle Dacey55.15245.96010
26Mario DeFilippis55.76446.47010
27Salim Amiri57.01542.7619
28Ken Chin57.19857.19814
29Adrian Cebellos60.70860.70818
30Brad Gould61.50561.50520
31Chris Leftereys68.89734.4496
32Chris Hughes69.28969.28923
33Fiona Archer70.32470.32421
34Sean Williams71.42941.6677
35Chris Gaudette72.26272.26222
36Rob Stevens77.95771.46111
37Tiffany Stephens-Leitch79.44266.20110
38Sharon Joudrey80.33373.63811
39Donna Doucette83.63848.7897
40Rocky Robar90.29560.1978
41James Skeed91.59845.7996
42Cammie Ofrim94.91431.6384
43Vincent Iaboni105.98052.9906
44Adam Trimm116.82029.2053
45Mike Patterson124.70872.7477
46Dave Holman125.77731.4443
47Rob Nelson137.01968.5096
48Cindy Greenspoon144.00012.0001
49Matt Leitch151.51150.5044
50Patrick Rankin161.87467.4475
51Chris Garrett185.07630.8462
52Dino Pipitone195.65865.2194
53Nick Chun218.18418.1821
54John Amirian233.51677.8394
55Brandon Phung241.62460.4063
56Mike Hamilton 243.08760.7723
57Jason Thompson 264.03566.0093
58Reshma Makani270.28867.5723
59Zan Robinson332.43183.1083
60Jacob Smart372.46262.0772
61Jackson Withrow378.94831.5791
62Martin Frechette384.00032.0001
63Natasha Vastami487.50040.6251
64Aman Maharaj500.00441.6671
65Keith Robb600.00050.0001
66Tom Kaneary 694.74057.8951
67Mike Hamilton847.05670.5881
68Tony Intranuvo912.00076.0001
69Steve Brown914.28076.1901
70Errin Janes947.36478.9471
71Nicole Bridges950.00479.1671
72Evan Dacey960.00080.0001
73Rob Norman969.22880.7691
74Shelia Stewart 999.99683.3331
75Natalie Gregor 999.999100.0001
76Chad Harwood 999.99991.6671
77Mike Visser999.99992.0001