Paid Players for Season Oct 1, 2020 to Jan 31, 2021

2TiffanyStephens- Leitch
3Matt Leitch
9Ken Warren
13Jim Muholland
20Dianne Simone

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RankNamePointsQuadsStraight FushRoyal FlushB2B Wins
1Tim McCue169501010
2Ned Sirry162000200
3Christina Phung146501000
4Dave Beasley141500000
5Chris Gaudette124500000
6Mary Cromwell114001000
7Adrian Cebellos107000000
8Peter Allder104000000
9Adam Trimm102500001
10Donna Doucette98001000
11Jamie Magill94500000
12Gail King91000000
13Brad Gould86000000
14Ryan Kajiura80500000
15Shevaughn Blaney76000000
16Chris Hughes74500000
17Alan Mooney72000000
18Susan Kay71500000
19Vincent Iaboni71000000
20Sharon Joudrey71000000
21Fiona Archer70500000
22Claude Holmes70001000
23Kyle Dacey67000000
24Toan Phung64500000
25Enzo Dethomasis64000000
26Garry Webster64001000
27Sabo Amiti62500000
28Sean Williams61000000
29Lex Leuthel58500000
30Rob Norman57500000
31Sean Brennan56500000
32Tim Linehan49000000
33Salim Amiri46500000
34Kelly Cromwell45500000
35Ken Chin45000000
36Sue Hubert43501000
37Dave Holman42500000
38Dan St. Germain38500000
39Alex Riabetsev36000000
40Rob Stevens30000000
41Reshma Makani28501000
42Vlad Serdyuk28500000
43Stephen Kay27000000
44Kevin Sweerts26000000
45Brandon Phung24500000
46Chris Leftereys23500000
47Patrick Rankin21500000
48Dino Pipitone20500000
49Paul Lynn20500000
50Mike Patterson12000000
51Matt Leitch11500000
52Cammie Ofrim11000000
53Bob Grattage11000000
54Tony Lee10000000
55Tiffany Stephens-Leitch9500000
56Rocky Robar7500000
57Natasha Vastami7000000
58Mike Arnold 7000000
59Joanne Colantonio6000000
60Rob Nelson3500000
61Tony Intranuvo2500000
62Cole Leuthel2000000
63Mike Hamilton500000

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WAF is the average of: your daily finish position / number of players in the game x 100
AAF adjusts your score to account for those who have played less than 12 games during the season
If total games played ≥ 12, then AAF=WAF
If total games played < 12, then AAF = WAF * (12 / total games played)
In order to qualify for the Tournament of Champions based on your AAF score, a minimum of 12 games must be played during the season.

RankNameAdjusted Avg FinishWeighted Avg Finish# Games
1Peter Allder29.27129.27112
2Tim McCue34.97634.97615
3Christina Phung35.63835.63817
4Ned Sirry36.59236.59214
5Gail King40.94440.94413
6Jamie Magill42.80042.80012
7Adrian Cebellos42.89642.89613
8Sean Brennan44.09536.74610
9Mary Cromwell47.14147.14116
10Kyle Dacey47.53343.57211
11Toan Phung47.54347.54312
12Garry Webster47.72647.72612
13Alan Mooney48.32348.32315
14Vincent Iaboni49.38345.26811
15Dave Beasley49.58149.58120
16Donna Doucette50.71850.71813
17Chris Gaudette50.95350.95322
18Claude Holmes52.59748.21411
19Susan Kay52.84248.43911
20Sabo Amiti53.19248.75911
21Adam Trimm53.49026.7456
22Chris Hughes55.04055.04017
23Brad Gould57.11847.59810
24Sharon Joudrey57.79657.79612
25Ryan Kajiura59.31459.31413
26Enzo Dethomasis60.38660.38618
27Fiona Archer61.26561.26515
28Sean Williams61.30130.6516
29Ken Chin62.78162.78113
30Rob Stevens70.62164.73611
31Lex Leuthel70.74058.95010
32Dan St. Germain73.28461.07010
33Rob Norman76.23757.1789
34Shevaughn Blaney76.96338.4816
35Chris Leftereys78.13845.5817
36Alex Riabetsev79.67359.7559
37Kevin Sweerts81.26260.9479
38Stephen Kay81.93868.28210
39Salim Amiri83.34162.5059
40Dave Holman88.76136.9845
41Sue Hubert100.06550.0336
42Kelly Cromwell101.42450.7126
43Tim Linehan104.21952.1106
44Reshma Makani123.76051.5675
45Rocky Robar129.10964.5546
46Patrick Rankin133.61266.8066
47Mike Patterson138.98781.0767
48Brandon Phung152.56338.1413
49Vlad Serdyuk154.25451.4184
50Dino Pipitone156.54552.1824
51Tiffany Stephens-Leitch163.00454.3354
52Cammie Ofrim176.47214.7061
53Natasha Vastami198.26066.0874
54Paul Lynn206.75751.6893
55Cole Leuthel213.41071.1374
56Matt Leitch220.58736.7652
57Bob Grattage257.35842.8932
58Tony Lee266.66422.2221
59Joanne Colantonio283.65947.2772
60Mike Arnold 337.50028.1251
61Tony Intranuvo529.41644.1181
62Rob Nelson741.027123.5052
63Mike Hamilton988.23682.3531